Our local farmers, growers and producers deliver their lovely fruit, veg, dairy and cupboard goods to us here at New Covent Garden Market in London. You place your order on our easy-to-use shiny new website, then we lovingly pack your goods and our own drivers deliver to your door.

Scheme Type : Local
Box Type : Food Box
Sample Ingredients : Carrots, Cabbage, Aubergine, Lettuce, Peppers, Beetroot, Celery, Tomatoes, Apples, Bananas, Mango, Pears
Delivery Area (if local) : London

Singles Fruit & Vegetable, 5 vegetable lines and 3 fruit - £11.95

Small Fruit & Vegetable, 7 vegetable lines and 3 fruit - £14.95

Medium Fruit & Vegetable, 8 vegetable lines and 4 fruit - £19.95

Large Fruit & Vegetable, 9 vegetable lines and 5 fruit - £25.95

Free Range
Gluten Free
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