All boxes usually contain a mixture of the staples (potatoes, carrots, onions) along with a selection of other seasonal produce.

Seasonal variations in price from the growers are also reflected by your box. You will find you receive more produce for your money during the abundant autumn months, than you will from boxes made up during spring, when supplies
are limited.

There are seven sizes of box available, from £6 to £20. An individual order delivered to the door is £1.50

Scheme Type : Local
Box Type : Veg Box
Sample Ingredients : potatoes, carrots, onions, green cabbage, sweetcorn, tomatoes, cucumber
Delivery Area (if local) : Cheltenham, Gloucester, Stroud and Forest of Dean

Size 1 - Potatoes 850g, Carrots 350g, Onions 250g, Green Cabbage, Sweetcorn, Tomatoes 200g, Cucumber - £6.00

Size 2 - Potatoes 900g, Carrots 350g, Onions 300g, Sweetcorn, Runner Beans 300g, Courgette 300g, Tomatoes 250g, Red pepper - £7.00

Size 3 - Potatoes 1kg, Carrots 400g, Onions 350g, Runner Beans 350g, Courgette 350g, Cucumber, Tomatoes 250g, Green pepper - £8.00

Size 4 - Potatoes 1.2kg, Carrots 500g, Onions 400g, Beetroot 300g, Green Cabbage, Sweetcorn, Courgette 350g, Green Pepper, Cherry Tomatoes 200g, Chard - £10.00

Size 5 - Potatoes 1.3kg, Carrots 550g, Onions 450g, Sweetcorn 2, Green Cabbage, Chard, Tomatoes 300g, Cucumber, Pattipan 350g, Green pepper - £12.00

Size 6 - Potatoes 1.6Kg, Carrots 700g, Onions 550g, Beetroot 300g, Sweetcorn 2, Green Cabbage, Chard, Cucumber, Tomatoes 350g, Red peppers, Aubergine, Courgette 450g - £15.00

Size 7 - Potatoes 1.8Kg, Carrots 800g, Onions 650g, Kale 300g, Runner Beans 350g, Sweetcorn 2, Courgette 450g, Cucumber, Chard, Aubergine, Tomatoes 400g, Green Pepper, Lettuce, Mushrooms 180g, Chilli pepper - £20.00

Free Range
Gluten Free