Our Seasonal Veg Box is packed full of local seasonal vegetables. We whole heartedly support local farms and producers as much as we can promoting the use local produce through our Seasonal Veg Boxes. All our boxes are excellent value for money and contain the freshest vegetables, salad and fruits.

Company : Norfolk Veg Box
Scheme Type : Local
Box Type : Veg Box
Sample Ingredients : Bunched Carrots, Bunched Beetroot, Courgettes, Fennel, Free Range Eggs, Mushrooms, New Season Potatoes, Norfolk Tomatoes, Mixed Onions, Runner Beans
Delivery Area (if local) : Norfolk

Small veg box, feeds 1-2 people - £7.50

Medium veg box, ideal for a family - £11.00

Large veg box, larger family, 4+ people - £15.00

Salad Box - £7.50

Detox veg box, full of low-carb produce and superfoods - £10

Free Range
Gluten Free
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