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Company : Grow Wild
Scheme Type : Local
Box Type : Veg Box
Delivery Area (if local) : Edinburgh, Glasgow, West Lothian, Stirling, Falkirk, Linlithgow

Small Veg Only Box, 5-7 types of vegetables - £12.95

Small Mediterranean Box, 5-7 types of vegetables - £12.95

UK Box, 5-8 different types of veg - £14.95

Medium Veg only Box, 6-9 types of veg - £17.75

Large Veg only Box, 10-14 types of veg - £25.00

Large Mediterranean Box, 9-14 types of veg - £25.00

Large Family Veg only Box, 12-16 types of veg - £32.95

Free Range
Gluten Free
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