The Graig Farm Organics online shop allows the Rees family to provide their award winning produce to the public. A range of products from their own farm, and from other fully traceable organic sources, are now available.

When it comes to the finest quality or organic meat, at Graig Farm we have everything you will need to cook that special meal. Many of the organic produce we have available has gone on to become multiple award winners yeah in year out. With our impressive collection of meat & fish boxes it allows you to get the best cuts of a varied range of our award winning meats, for a very affordable price

Company : Graig Farm
Scheme Type : National
Box Type : Meat Box

Graig Farm Organic Lamb Box Standard Box - £54.70

Graig Farm Organic Chicken Selection Pack - £88.00

Graig Farm Weekender Box - £56.95

Graig Farm The Good Life Box - £43.90

Graig Farm Winter Organic Meat Box - £58.00

Free Range
Gluten Free
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