A selection of stunningly flavoured 100% grass fed beef from the Knepp Castle Wildland project in West Sussex. Includes a range of roasting cuts and prime steaks as well as the best quality lean mince, braising steak and our hand-made sea-salt and cracked black pepper steak burgers.

We source our meat from a range of producers who share our dedication to tradition, quality and sustainability. We’re committed to supporting farmers who are working to conserve our traditional breeds and to farming in harmony with their environment.

Company : Garlic Wood Farm
Scheme Type : National
Box Type : Meat Box
Sample Ingredients : rump steak, sirloin steak, topside roasting joint, brisket slow-roasting joint, sea salt and black pepper steak burgers, diced lean braising steak, lean steak mince

5 kg Grass-fed Longhorn Beef Box - £80

10 kg Grass-fed Longhorn Beef Box - £160

Free Range
Gluten Free