At Boxxfresh we always work with what’s been harvested – wonky and supersize is welcome! Nobody wants waste, especially the farmer!

We select the very best of British, source locally wherever possible and are proud to work with some of the finest independent producers & specialist growers in Hampshire, Sussex, Wiltshire and the Isle of Wight.

Pick you own boxx from our on-line shop. With Boxxfresh you get to choose exactly what you want. No ties or subscriptions, weekly, bi-weekly, ad-hoc, the choice is yours! A personal service delivered to you in our Boxxfresh chiller vans for only a £1.50 delivery charge.

Company : Boxxfresh
Scheme Type : Local
Box Type : Veg Box
Delivery Area (if local) : Delivering throughout Hampshire and its borders

Small Veg Box, Approx 10 Items - £15.00

Medium Veg Box, Approx 15 Items - £20.00

Large Veg Box, Approx 20 Items - £25.00

X-Large Veg Box, Approx 25 Items - £30.00

Free Range
Gluten Free