Community veg scheme addition

Over the last 6 months we’ve been slowly adding farms as we’ve found them or have been made aware of them (thanks to everyone who has been in contact!).

Community Icon – From today you may now see a new icon when searching for your local veg boxes –

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Nationwide veg delivery information

Currently we list the main farm/distribution depot/registered office of the national veg companies. It can be hard to find out exactly where your veg box is delivered from as they don’t make it easy to find the information on their websites.

When we find the information we ideally want to display the different information on our map. But at the moment be aware, and do your own research on the company you may wish to try. For example some information we currently have about the nationals:-

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Support local farms and organic produce with FoodBoxFinder!

Know where your fruit and veg comes from, get back in touch with the land, support the local farms and all the hard work they do.

Simply type in your post code and see what’s around you and who delivers, more often than not it’s free delivery of the freshest, tastiest, organically grown fruit and vegetables straight to your door, and not as expensive as you would maybe be expecting.

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