About Food Box Finder

FoodBoxFinder hopes to help you discover the wealth of food box delivery services in the UK. Most people are aware of the national delivery services but there are many more services out there that can offer a box scheme more suited for you.

Find local and national suppliers that match your needs, be it organic, recipe boxes or at a certain price point. Get fresh, seasonal, healthier food that’s cheaper than the supermarkets.

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The tractor icon indicates a farm that delivers produce direct. Note that most may use produce from nearby farms, if they cannot provide themselves. Also some fruits may not be from the UK. Always check the veg box website for specific produce details. Some also may deliver nationally for the additional cost of a national courier.

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The community icon, indicates a veg box scheme that generally uses several farms, and provides a local delivery or collection service. Mainly found in large cities, where it’s less likely that farms that are near enough to provide a direct box delivery service.


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You’ve probably seen the adverts. These large companies have distribution centers across the UK, giving additional food mileage over the local schemes. They can also cost more than the local fresher options!

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We try and keep our listing up to date as much as possible, but please check details on the suppliers site to confirm details are correct before making any order. Please let us know if you spot something that is inaccurate. Likewise if we are missing a food box provider. Contact us via email or the social platform of your choice (details in the website header). Price per person is calculated by dividing box price by the number of people it could feed. Generally the larger boxes work out cheaper per person, but box sizes and portion sizes obviously vary. This also only works on veg & recipes boxes, other types of box generally cant be divided into meals per person.

We are totally independent, and always present the foodbox search results without any preference. We are funded by on site advertisement and affiliate links (if a foodbox company is part of one, mainly some of the national ones). Please read our privacy page, about how these companies use your data and your rights.