Nationwide veg delivery information

Nationwide veg delivery information

Currently we list the main farm/distribution depot/registered office of the national veg companies. It can be hard to find out exactly where your veg box is delivered from as they don’t make it easy to find the information on their websites.

When we find the information we ideally want to display the different information on our map. But at the moment be aware, and do your own research on the company you may wish to try. For example some information we currently have about the nationals:-

Riverford – Have 4 regional farms, Devon, Peterborough, Yorkshire and Hampshire (which we assume the veg boxes are delivered from). Yet the have growers from across the UK and abroad. And local hubs (run as a franchise ) across the UK.

Abel & Cole – Again growers across the UK, with distribution depots listed potentially as Andover, Maidstone, Ongar, Tamworth, Warrington, Wimbledon, Aylesford and Wakefield (Depending on different Google search results).

HelloFresh – Similar to Abel & Cole, Google gives distribution centres potentially as Banbury, previously (or as well) Staines.

Also depending on how these companies progress, we can see more or less depots and changes of locations. Something to consider when using a national veg scheme.

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